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… the Vision

In an age where technology evolves daily, trepidation over quality outdoor photography being absorbed into the mainstream has become the drive behind my work. The time has come when anyone with an IPhone can take a decent picture … but dare we lose the artistry of taking exceptional pictures. A great photographer must harness the light, task the shadows and toil to express perspective. The scenes must first be captured by the eyes and the soul and then conveyed through the lens.

Telling the secrets and moods of my subject matter and sharing that magic is what I endeavor to achieve with my photography. There is beauty in all elements of life and that is what I strive to share with my audience. I have no fascination with defining myself as a landscape photographer or a nature photographer or a wildlife photographer, as my aspiration is to become a culmination of them all and to successfully share that vision with you.

In the Name

In April of 2015, I lost my father, David Joe Winograsky, to brain cancer. At the young age of 63, he vanished from my life before any of my dreams of becoming a professional photographer would take fruition. Most of my hopes were forgotten on a memory card, to be left in a camera, indefinitely.

Though I am convinced that he was one of the world’s greatest procrastinators, my dad was also an incredibly talented and gifted individual. His ability to create, engineer, build and craft with precision were second to none. He did nothing in haste and he always completed every project to perfection.

You will find references to the “Winograsky” name in some of my work, publications and web links.  I have intended this to be part tribute to my father and part daily reminder to emulate his integrity and attention to detail not only in business, but also in life. And in doing so, I hope he somehow understands my wish to make him proud.


Though I truly loved my profession as a 911 dispatcher, becoming a professional photographer has been a life long dream. Had it not been for the encouragement of family and friends, I may have never embarked on this journey, so I thank you all for your support. And I want to express sincere gratitude to my husband, Brett.  He is the reason I finally decided to take this leap.  He has given selflessly to help me in my pursuits and this adventure would not have been possible without him.

Karie Anderson

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